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About Canada

Canada is the dream of every international student who wants to study abroad. Although other study abroad destinations like the UK, the USA, and Australia are very popular with Pakistani students but it is always a more desirable option for Pakistani students to study in Canada from Pakistan. The reason behind this is very interesting because Canada is providing high-quality education to all international students. More than 70,000 thousand international students chose Canada as their future destination for education. There are some other reasons which you should know.

Why Study in Canada from Pakistan?

✓ Admission in universities and colleges with and without IELTS.
✓ Study Gap is Accepted in Canadian universities
✓ Get 3 years work permit after 2 years study program
✓ Permanent Residence after studies
✓ Part-time work allowed during studies
✓ Low application fee
✓ Affordable tuition fee, reasonable living cost
✓ The best education system all over the world
✓ Good future after studies
✓ Pathway to Canadian immigration
✓ Students can bring their spouse


All Original Educational Documents

❖ Educational Documents
❖ Passport Size Picture
❖ Motivational letter
❖ Passport Scanned (Bio + Sign)
❖ CV (Fresh with contact details)
❖ Work Experience


❖ Affordable living costs
❖ Good value for money
❖ Dreamland
❖ Multicultural city
❖ Safe environment
❖99 % Visa Ratio (SDS)
❖border-friendly policies
❖world’s best-ranked universities

Additional Documents Required for visa

❖ Visa Fee 150 CAD
❖ Biometrics 85 CAD
❖ Block Account ( 10000 CAD )
❖ Final Offer Letter
❖ Cover Letter

Disclaimer: prices may be changed when you apply

Why Study In Canada?

With an excellent education system, Canada is the World’s 4th most popular choice for international students for further studies. The opportunity to study in Canada will change your life and definitely, this life-changing experience will always keep you in a standing position wherever you go in the world. If you’re dreaming of studying in Canada, read on to get complete information about studying in Canada. Canada hosts about half a million international students in the country each year, which represents its popularity and high academic standards.

Top Reasons to Study in Canada

There arises a question in minds that why international students choose Canada as their study destination. Below we have provided the detailed answer to it. Keep reading to get the insights of why study in Canada.

1)  World’s Top-Ranked Universities

2) Affordable Tuition fee

3) Cultural Diversity

4) Research Opportunities

5) Immigration Opportunities

World’s Top-Ranked Universities

One of the reasons why students choose to study in Canada is the World ranking of Canadian universities. Almost 26 universities of Canada are featured in the ranking of the World’s best universities. A Canadian university degree represents excellence and grace because of high education standards.

Affordable Tuition fee

The quality and standard of education in Canada are world-class but the tuition fee and education expenses are generally lower as compared to education expenses in UK and US. Especially when compared to the worth of degree to the education expenditures, Canada is quite a viable choice for international students.

Cultural Diversity

Regardless of ethnic basis, international students feel at home in Canada due to the presence of multicultural nations of the world. The native people warmly welcome  international students and you’ll find friendliness, welcoming people, and peaceful living in Canada like no other country.

Research Opportunities

Canadian universities focus on research and development and hands-on working experience more than mere theoretical learning. If you’re a research enthusiast, then there can be no better study destination than Canada. Moreover, the government of Canada offers great interest and scholarship in the fields of agriculture, medicine,  science, and technology.

Immigration Opportunities

International students can work during their studies in Canada. However, after graduation, they can stay there for up to three years after getting a post-graduation work permit. University graduates can get international work experience and may also be eligible for permanent residence later on.

Requirement for Admission

Requirements to study in Canada from Pakistan are very simple. The first thing that you need to do is to apply for your desired college or university. If you have to study undergraduate level, graduate, or postgraduate level you need at least 70 percent marks along with a 6 – 7 IELTS band. But you can apply for degree programs with and without IELTS.

For the process of applying to Canada to study, please follow these steps: –

✓ Get admission to the University or college of Canada.

✓ You must apply for a permit to study in Canada.

✓ You need to provide evidence that you can cover all the costs during your stay as well as departure transportation costs from Canada.

✓ You will have to explain to the Immigration Officer you will return to your home country after you finish your studies.

✓ Evidence that you do not have any criminal records.

What Are the Requirements to Study in Canada?

We are here to clear the confusion of international students regarding the basic requirements for the admission process. Following are the basic requirements every

Canadian University demands from International Students.

✓ Language proficiency test (IELTS or TOEFL).

✓ Two letters of recommendation (Two LOR).

✓ A detailed resume enlisting all your educational achievements and related experience.

✓ Submission of your mark sheets and transcripts of all your previous education.

✓ Some universities may demand a Statement of Purpose (SOP) stating your reason for admission to a specific course and how it will help you with your career goals.

✓ Different universities may ask for GRE tests (Graduate Record Exam). Check the eligibility criteria before applying for study in Canada.

✓ A valid passport or travel permit

✓ Proof that you can support your expenses while living in Canada.

✓ Be in good health.

✓ Character certificate.

Top Courses in Canada

The study in Canada process starts from admission to Canadian universities. You can search for different courses and different universities all over Canada. Most students are looking for the following top courses:

✓ MBA is the top course being studied and taught in Canada.

✓ Degree in Computer Science and Information Technology is highly demanding

✓ Business and Finance.

✓ Core Engineering and Engineering Management is also highly demanding with skills

✓ Agriculture Science and Forestry

✓ Bioscience, Medicine, and Healthcare

✓ Media and Journalism

✓ Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial Science & Analytics.

✓ Psychology and Human Resources

✓ Architectures

✓ Hospitality

✓ Education

Cost of studying in Canada

In case you’re a Canadian citizen analyzing in Canada, you could assume to pay a mean of CA$6,000 (~US$4,534) per year for both undergraduate and postgraduate guides.  Average expenses in Canada for international undergraduate students start at about CA$14,000 (~US$10,730) according to year.

In case you want to have a look at Canada, the good news is that training costs are typically less steeply-priced than indifferent most important Anglophone locations (America, the united kingdom, and Australia), although they’re still quite excessive in comparison to different international locations.

Thankfully Canada is the country where international students can find quality education at lower rates compared to many other countries in the world. Well, the education expenses depend upon the type of institution and discipline you opt for. Your tuition fee is your prime expenditure but you should also consider your accommodation, travel, health care, and food expenses while calculating your budget for studying in Canada.

Study Program in Canada

Average Cost Per Annum

Undergraduate program

$13,000 to $20,000

Postgraduate master’s degree

$17,000 to $25,000

Doctoral degree

$7,000 to $15,000


$30,000 to $40,000

Tuition Fees

Universities in Canada set their own expenses, and people range counting on numerous elements: what application you’re studying, whether or not you are a worldwide or domestic student, and whether or no longer you’re reading at undergraduate or postgraduate degree. Consistent with the ultra-modern document from facts Canada, Tuition charges in Canada are down an average of(5.3%) percentages for undergraduate students and rose with the aid of using 7.6 percent to study in Canada from Pakistan in 2021/2022.

In case you’re a Canadian citizen reading in Canada, you may assume to pay a mean of CA$6,463 according to 365 days for an undergraduate diploma, and CA$7,056 in keeping with 12 months for a graduate student

Undergraduate Tuition charges

Tuition prices to study in Canada from Pakistan in 2021/22 are CA$29714.

Post Graduate Tuition charges

If you want to examine at the postgraduate level, the instruction fees are generally decreasing, and again range from relying on your software. Data Canada places the common postgraduate training charge for global students at CA$17,744 in 2021/22, which’s about US$13,437; a four percentage boom from the previous year.

As is the case global, government MBA applications are usually the most averaging around CA$56,328 (~US$42,657), on the equal time as everyday MBAs rate CA$27,397 (~US$20,747) on the commonplace.

Cost of living in Canada

Even though Canadian student visa necessities say you must have as a minimum CA$10,000 (~US$7,570) (or CA$11,000/~US$8,300 if reading in Quebec) on the pinnacle of your tuition charges, you’ll in all likelihood want to budget an awful lot greater than this on your dwelling expenses. Your dwelling expenses will vary extensively depending on your location and spending conduct, with big cities commonly greater highly-priced to stay in.

Canadian Universities

The universities of Canada stand equal to the other European universities according to QS World University Ranking 2019. Here is the list of top universities in Canada.

Following are a few of them given to study in Canada from Pakistan

✓ The University of Toronto located in Toronto

✓ McGill University located in Montreal

✓ The University of Alberta located in Alberta

✓ University de Montreal located in Montreal, Quebec

✓ The University of Waterloo located in Waterloo, Ontario

✓ Western University is located in Ontario.

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