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MBBS from China is the Best possible choice for international students wishing to Medical study abroad. Chinese Universities are famous due to their low-cost MBBS Fees and promising returns. It is one of the safest countries for international students around the globe. Chinese Universities are offering Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Degrees after the completion of 6 years of medical study. MBBS Degree is approved by PMDC Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (Former PMC). Medical Universities have highly qualified faculty, the largest affiliated hospitals, and research-level Labs that make China a unique country for medical education.

Distinctive Features in China:

  • Quality education of medicine in highly standardized medical Universities.
  • Directly affiliated and teaching hospitals with every Medical School.
  • NO requirement for an ENTRY TEST.
  • Renowned institutes in affordable fee packages (No hidden charges).
  • Furnished Hostels are located within The Campuses.
  • The safe, secure, and well-equipped environment with Diverse cultures.
  • Worldwide recognition of MBBS degree from China.
  • Scholarship opportunities for international students.
  • China being a Global Economy is Enriched with various opportunities.

There are 200+ Universities in China offering MBBS;

In China, 45 Universities are offering MBBS in English Medium which is approved by the Ministry of Education China (MOE Listed). International students have been studying in these universities for many years in almost every country in the world. MBBS Course Duration in China is 06 years including the last year of the internship.

MBBS Scholarships:

There isn’t any Scholarship for MBBS in China on an admission basis. However, some agents, who are not authorized by the University, misguide students in the name of scholarships. Beware of such seasonal agents and fake information. Whenever any Chinese universities offer any kind of fee allowance or stipend they mention it clearly on the admission letter. That’s why, ask for a written statement on the admission letter if any agent claims to provide you scholarship opportunity.

Meanwhile, almost every university in China offers performance-based scholarships to international students by the end of their academic year. That scholarship amount starts from 5000RMB to 20,000RMB which is given to position-holding students.

MBBS in China Scholarship availability:

If you are an International student and looking for Partial Scholarships regarding MBBS in China, then you will have to look at the other type of scholarships claimed by universities called “University scholarships”. Here are mentioned some types of MBBS scholarships offered by Chinese Universities for International Students.

  • Local Government Scholarship
  • Freshman Scholarship by the University
  • Performance Based Scholarships
  • Study Improvement scholarship by the University
  • Wants Low-Cost MBBS?

NASSAK is offering Low-cost China MBBS Universities accepting international students. MBBS in China’s Lowest Fee starts from 20,600 RMB/year to 23,000 RMB/year which includes Tuition and hostel fees for one year or you can say for 02 semesters. If you want to get admission in Low-cost China MBBS Universities, the First year will be Chinese Language study and it is mandatory to Pass HSK Level-4 to start their MBBS study for 5 years which includes an internship as well.

Chinese medical schools offering Medicine programs are Public and government-owned universities. These Universities are approved by ECFMG, WHO, WFME, PMDC, and almost all the medical councils. Students are eligible to apply for USMLE, PLAB, GMC, and AMC certifications as well.

Fee Structure 2024-2025

Hunan University of Chinese Medicine18,000 RMB/year2600  RMB/year
Yichun University18,500 RMB/year4500 RMB/Year
Hubei Polytechnic University15,000 RMB/Year3000 RMB/Year
Hainan Medical University20,500 RMB/Year4200 RMB/Year
North China University of Science and Technology18,000 RMB/Year5000 RMB/Year
Jiujiang University19,000 RMB/Year4000 RMB/Year
Qiqihar Medical University18,000 RMB/year4000 RMB/Year
Wuhan University of Science & Technology18,000 RMB/Year 3600 RMB/Year
Yangtze University20,000 RMB/Year2500 RMB/Year
Chifeng University18,000 RMB/Year2500 RMB/Year
University of South China21,000 RMB/Year3000 RMB/Year
Hubei University of Arts and Science18,000 RMB/Year3000 RMB/Year
Kunming University of Science and Technology18,500 RMB/Year1400 RMB/Year

What are MOE Listed Universities’ Fee?

MOE Listed Universities are English Medium Universities in China. These are only 45 Universities that are approved by the Ministry of Education China to teach MBBS in English. HSK-3/HSK-4 is not compulsory to pass in 1st year of Medical Study. MOE Listed University teaches Medical Subjects in 1st year of MBBS e.g. Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry alongside Chinese Language.

MOE Listed UniversityTuition FeeHostel Fee
Shihezi University30,000 RMB/Year5000 RMB/Year
Ningxia Medical University29,800 RMB/year5000 RMB/Year
Nanjing Medical University34,000 RMB/Year6000 RMB/Year
Qingdao University30,000 RMB/Year10000 RMB/Year
Zhengzhou University35,000 RMB/Year5500 RMB/Year
Jiangsu University34,000 RMB/Year6000 RMB/Year

Eligibility Criteria:

The age Limit to apply for MBBS in China is 16 – 26 years. Students must be healthy and fluent in English. IELTS and TOEFL are not required. Some Universities are taking interviews from international students as well before issuance of acceptance letters. Students must have a Minimum of 60% marks in Senior High School (HSSC) are eligible to apply for Medical Study in China.

How to Apply?

Submit the following documents to us in clear scan form to start the admission process in China or students can apply through the Online Portal to Start the admission process.

  • SSC (Grade 10)
  • HSSC (Grade 12)
  • Passport First page in Scan
  • Medical Check-up
  • Police clearance certificate
  • One photo with a white background.
  • Bank statement of student or guardian

Most Chinese Universities are offering September Fall Intake and very few Universities in China are offering Spring Intake. Students can apply to Chinese Medical Universities before the deadline. After Receiving the complete documents, we will process your application and as well as receive the admission letter and JW202 we will update you. Thank you.

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