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Study in Turkey

About Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful country and it is a famous tourist destination. Study in Turkey is the dream of many students. Students from all over the world want to study in Turkey due to its good culture and low fee and living costs as well as scholarships. Turkish universities also offer scholarships for Pakistani students in turkey, so Pakistani students want to study in Turkey.  The universities of Turkey are top-ranked throughout the world.

The higher education system of Turkey is one of the youngest systems in the world, but it is providing useful education and has gained a good reputation in the whole world. There are about 206 higher education institutions out of which 109 are state institutions and the remaining are private institutions, with more than 58092 different programs. About 125,000 international students study in these institutions. Students can study their desired program with such a variety in their desired university.

Why Study in the Turkey?

Turkey’s geographical position means it has a rich history and culture, which is present in its traditions, hospitality, food and architecture. The dominant religion in Turkey is Islam, and the country is considered to be conservative compared to parts of Western Europe.

What are the best programs in Turkey?

Turkey is a member of the Bologna Process — the agreement between European countries to ensure comparability in the quality and standards of higher education.

Associate’s degree programs in Turkey last for two years, while a full bachelor’s degree generally takes four years.

Particularly popular postgraduate programs in Turkey include MBAs, law, international relations, engineering management and computing.

Some Turkey universities focus on specific subjects such as business schools, medical universities and engineering universities.

Whether you’re looking to study for a BA, BSc, MBA or doctorate degree, Studee can help you find the perfect place to study in Turkey.

What is the cost of studying in Turkey?

Tuition fees in Turkey range between $3,000 – $19,000 depending on whether the university is a public or private institution. At public universities you may be charged more than the standard overseas fee if a program’s language of instruction is English.

Living costs in Turkey are cheaper than most of Western Europe, and it’s recommended you have between $500 and $600 per month available for things like accommodation, food and drink, and entertainment.

Where can you study in Turkey?

Turkey’s major cities like Istanbul, capital Ankara, and third largest city Izmir, are home to some of the country’s best universities – many of which are internationally recognised. These cities also have a community of students living in them.

Turkey has a well developed transport network with a particularly impressive national and international rail network. Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa and Adana all have underground rail systems.

What are the requirements to study in Turkey?


Some Turkish universities will require you to take a YÖS (Turkish entrance exam) to gain a place on your chosen degree program. As Turkey is part of the Bologna process for universities, other European qualifications such as a bachelor’s will be accepted for further study on a master’s or PhD.

English language tests

Turkish universities will require students to prove their English language ability with a score from a test such as TOEFL or IELTS. Universities may have a preference for which test they prefer applicants to have, so always check the requirements from the university you are applying to.

Turkey student visa

All international students need to obtain a visa to study a degree in Turkey. You need to complete a pre-application on the Turkish consular website. You can then attend an appointment to arrange for your visa.

As well as an application form you’ll have to provide certain documents to process your application, including:

  • A confirmed place on a course certified by the Ministry of Education
  • A valid passport with a minimum of one year until expiry
  • Health insurance
  • Proof of finances for university and living costs

It usually takes around eight weeks to receive a visa decision after applying. After arriving in Turkey it is also necessary to apply for a residence permit. This can be done at a local police station.

International students in Turkey are permitted to work for up to 24 hours a week.

Why Study in Turkey?

While studying in Turkey international students get a chance to learn Turkey as a language as well as a course. Learning the Turkish language is a friendly way to interact with students from different cultures or civilizations.

Study in Turkey in English and without IELTS

The international entrance exam and high IELTS, IBT, or TOEFL result is required by the state or public universities. Their tuition fees are usually low which range between 500 to 2000 US$ per year. While most private universities do not require IELTS, IBT, or TOEFL results and international entrance exams for teaching English.

But they usually prefer high grades in the main course of about 80% average. Instead, you have to be ready to attend the university’s English prep program for one year.

Turkey for Medical Students

Turkey is an Islamic country and it has good friendly relationships with Pakistan. Therefore, Pakistani students can avail different scholarships in various degree programs. Different medical programs from bachelor to Ph.D. level are offered by Turkish medical universities. Universities of Turkey are highly ranked in the world.

Out of the top ten universities in the world, there are three Turkish universities, and seven universities in the top hundred universities in the world. Mostly Turkish universities are independent and they assemble their own academic calendar but funding and policies are made by The Council of Higher Education. The academic year often starts in September and lasts in June.

However, the registration process for admission in MBBS starts in January or in June in different universities. For registration or enrollment purposes students must sign up on the desired university website. Then provide the academic information.

There are various medical courses or programs offered by the universities with varying duration of course. For example, the duration of the Bachelor of Medicine program lasts six years and starts every September. The tuition fee for this program is about 22000 US$/year.

MBBS In Turkey

About Turkey

MBBS in Turkey has a remarkable reputation in providing higher medical education due to high education standards with advanced and sophisticated teaching methods and scientific approaches.

Turkey has one of the best medical universities recognized by the world’s major organizations which includes WHO, PMC & UNESCO.

The number of universities that are run by the government of Turkey is over 200.

In Turkey, the Bologna agreement is mostly applicable in both public and private universities, which makes the degree programs standardize across Europe.

Turkey’s education system is ranked 43rd number in the world.

Overview of MBBS in Turkey:

Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Medicine

Last date to apply:  Admission Open

Test Date Will be announced

Basic Eligibility: 10 + 2 (60% marks)

Entrance Exam:  Yes required

Scholarships:  Yes

Duration of course: 6 years

Cost of Living (per month):  USD 100 per month

Recognition: PMC, WHO

Medium of Instruction: Turkish, English

IELTS: Not required

Why Study MBBS in Turkey?

There are several reasons which encourage you to study MBBS in Turkey. Few are given below:

MBBS Language

In Turkey Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery is offered in English and Turkish language. Both languages are taught in universities and students from all over the world are studying MBBS in English and Turkish.

Healthy atmosphere

For health examination patients from all over the world visit Turkey. Studying MBBS in Turkey offers you the opportunity to meet people of different cultures and Patients also visit Turkey for other health reasons such as cosmetic surgery.

Top Level Universities

In Turkey More world-class universities are there for students, Studying in Turkey will give you access to world-class laboratories, the latest technological advancements, and well-equipped universities for students.

Low Cost

Turkey’s medical universities are cheaper as compared to the other universities of the world. The fees in medical universities are very low

Universities in Turkey for MBBS

Several Turkish universities offering MBBS studies, few universities having good ranking are mentioned here. The list of those top three Universities in Turkey for MBBS is following:

Hacettepe University

In Ankara Turkey, the University of Hacettepe is ranked first among all the Universities of Turkey on the behalf of academic performance. In Ankara, Turkey Hacettepe University is a major state-funded medical university.

Ankara University

Ankara University has forty lines of work programs, one hundred twenty undergrad programs, and a hundred and ten graduate programs. It consists of the College of Applied Sciences, college of drugs, college of sciences, the College of Pharmacy, The College of medical specialty among such a big amount of others.

Uludag University, Bursa

ULUDAG University was established as a reputation on twenty Gregorian calendar months 1982. University is provided with nice skills and modern data to resolve the assorted social problems with the society. It educates the people to make the most effective role within the development of the country.

Scholarships for MBBS in Turkey

MBBS scholarships in Turkey are offered to international students from all over the world.  Most of that unit completely supported which means that everybody the researcher costs of being it convenience, Travel, wellbeing, educational cost, and each totally distinctive living value unit is taken care of as a comes about of the case may indeed be.

MBBS scholarships for Pakistani students 2024 in turkey

These MBBS scholarships are for Pakistani students which can be obtained easily by just sitting in a test and getting admission in Turkey. Turkey grants for Pakistanis are a unit appropriate to any level of instructive interest, from enrollment, graduate, and post-graduate ponder.

MBBS in Turkey fee structure for Pakistani students

In public universities, semester fees are very minimal, whereas the tuition fees of non-public universities will reach thousands of dollars For Pakistani students.

On to the Public-Sector Universities

Universities where the language of education is TURKISH

Residents from Turkey is: 80 USD– 250 USD

Foreign residents are: 240 USD– 750 USD

Universities where the language of education is ENGLISH

Residents from Turkey is: 150 USD – 500 USD

Foreign residents are: 450 USD – 1500 USD

Study Expenses

Admission and other expense Details (including tuition fee) :

One Semester Tuition Fee of MBBS to be paid after confirmation of acceptance (550€ Equal to PKR 86,950- (paid by the students to university)

DHL, Visa fee, Translation charges =   PCRs 32,000/- (paid by the student)

Charges of health insurance  PKR 5800  (paid by the student)

The fee of Visa:  PKR 12,600

Consultancy Fee: PKR 50000

One way Air Ticket fee:  PKR 50,000 – 65000

The university tuition fee for Medical will be 1050 Euro/year. Equal to PKR 174,000/-

Total course duration: 6 years

The living cost will be Rs. 20,000/- per month. (Including hostel and food)

Living Expenses

Normally, the International students living and Study in Turkey pay from four hundred to five hundred U.S. bucks per month in housing prices food, clothing, amusement, conveyance, and phone. Books and body expenses are nearly a 100$ to 150$ for every semester.

Admission Process

The procedure for MBBS admission in Turkey is following:

Step-1: Send your documents for assessment.

Step-2: We will guide you about universities and the cost which will occur.

Step-3: Get enrollment in the university for the YOS test

Step-4: Sit in YOS test

Step-5: If you will pass the test you will get an offer letter from the university, then get a visa and fly.

Scope of MBBS from Turkey

General Physician

MBBS degree holders can begin their career as a general MD, international organization agency studies, diagnosis, cures diseases of patients. Commonly, an MD treats diseases at primary stages, and if once identification the illness is very important then the patient is spoken to a relevant caregiver.


A caregiver international organization agency specialists at intervals the treatment of illness in children and examine their general growth and development. A specialist heals children right from their time of birth to their adolescence and even later. They assist in the early identification of diseases in developing children, guide us on food and allergies to children.

The skilled provides preventive care, helps at intervals the expansion and development of children with special needs, and observation aspect effects and allergies of medicines.

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