Visa And Immigration

All international students need to obtain a VISA to come to Tajikistan to study at the AVICENNA TAJIK STATE MEDICALUNIVERSITY . Citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Ukraine DO NOT NEED A VISA to enter the Republic of Tajikistan. We do not recommend entering Tajikistan on a visitor’s visa to be registered as a student at a later date. You should only enter the country with a student visa.
• Please note that required documents and visa fees may differ based on your citizenship and where you apply. 10 working days are required for E-VISA Electronic Travel authorization (ETA)

• Filled Visa Application Form
• International Passport (valid not less than one year)
• Original Invitation Letter from University
• Original School Certificates (O level/ SSCE/ HSSC, Bachelor or Master’s Degree if available)
• 20 passport size photos
• Air ticket valid.
• Visa Fee
• Students will obtain their one-month VISA upon arrival at the Dushanbe international Airport

Arrival And Pick Up
We advise the students to come to Dushanbe International Airport, it is convenient for us to meet students there but we will always do our best to find the most comfortable way for you to get to your university. We always meet all our students at the airports of Tajikistan and we shall make arrangements for students from the airport to the University. It is advisable to book the flights as soon as possible because the beginning of the academic year is a busy time to travel in Tajikistan.
One of our representatives shall receive the student at the airport. In case the student will not inform us about their arrival, they shall be deported back to their homeland. Our university informs the Migration Service of with the official letter about your arrival at the airport. When passing the passport control at the airport the Border Service verifies if the official representative mentioned in your official letter is meeting you.
When passing the border control – you will be asked several questions and you should explain which university you are going to, which faculty you’ve entered, and who is picking you up at the airport. Make sure you have enough cash money to pay the university fees and cover other expenses.
After arrival the student will need to submit the following documents:
• Passport
• 20 colored photos 35 mm x 45 mm
• Original Invitation letter
• Higher Secondary School certificate with transcript
• Please send us the scan copy of the booked ticket and your visa documents available as soon as possible. Do not cross the border control without the representative! Upon arrival, students must also have enough cash money in USD to cover the living expenses!

The essential part of the Tajkistan travel guide is the Registration of Stay; as soon as students arrive in Tajkistan, they have 72 hours to get registered at the local Immigration Authorities of Tajkistan . Customs officers will require the declaration form upon arrival and departure. Students will obtain their VISA upon arrival at the Tajkistan Airport within 10 working days after the covering of Tuition Fees

• ATSMU -student agreement copy
• Rector order copy (FORMON)
• Admission letter copy
• HIV certificate (no detected)
• Passport with one year validity minimum
• Photo 6×5 (1 Photos)
• Photo 3×4 (1 photo)

Please, INFORM students to keep ALL their documents and money in hand luggage on a board in order not to lose them as it sometimes happens. Students should bring all the original documents which you sent us by E-mail and the Payment Check of the Complete First Year Fee.
A University representative will meet you at the airport and transport you to your university. We will help you to register for the onboarding procedures of your university. We will also assist you with the followings:
• Registering in a university’s dormitory;
• Completing the admission process at university;
• Arranging medical check-ups;
• Extending visa from visa Office;
• Registering students in the Immigration Department;
• Legalizing all the documents;
• Providing all necessary information about living and studying in Tajikistan.
You are able to start the classes in 7 working days after arrival!
We also assist students in every step of adapting to a new life:
• We check that a student has the entire package of documents and the correctness of their execution;
• We let students know about expenses connected with education and their stay in the country of study;
• We consult students before their arrival in the country of study in matters of obtaining a visa at the nearest Embassy, education, and residence;
• We assist students in any matters relating to their studies at the academy;
• We provide communication ways with students’ parents and relatives, public organizations, embassies, and ministries of the resident countries;
• We organize a meeting of students at the airport upon their arrival in the country of study;
• We help the student in the preparation, translation, and notarization of documents for admission to the academy and accommodation in a hostel;
• We have a permanent representative in the country of study, who should explain to the student their legal status and solve all problems related to their stay in the country of study;
• We provide the student with assistance in making payments, receiving money transfers in banking and other institutions (at the request of the student);
• We provide students with translation services;
• We assist in the settlement of students and the preparation of all the necessary documents for the settlement and registration;
• We assist in the passage of medical examinations by students promptly;
• We accompany the student to medical and any other institutions with an interpreter etc.

Documents required for visa

  • Passport copy (properly scanned)
  • ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation)
  • Medical Fitness Certificate One photograph (passport size)
  • ETA Fee

NOTE: ETA will be provided within 10 working days

Documents required for travel to ATSMU, Tajikistan

  • Passport original
  • Educational documents (attested by MOFA)
  • Admission letter ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation) Medical Fitness Certificate
  • 25 photographs (passport size with white background)
  • 5 photographs (size 4×6)
  • Covid Vaccine Certification (fully vaccinated)
  • The ticket must be OK TO BOARD